Saturday, October 31, 2015

Atlanta's Brave Failure

Around 2010 we were told muhammad yunus and the great and good of georgia aimed to turn atlanta into the city the G20 and world wide youth could be most proud of learning and doing sustainability solutions with. The deadline for this supercity transformation was november 2015. It was a brave failure - nonetheless thanks to such special sources as

student solutions catalogued at http://josbnet.ning.com - the editorial blog of the Journal of Social Business launched by Adam Smith Scholars with Muhammad Yunus in an attempt to make Glasgow's youth one if the most sustainable alumni of our generation

georgia's greatest contributions to womens and youth economics include:

2000 started innovating process of most social youth entrepreneur competitions and convened the first statewide muhammad yunus student social business competition

provided richard branson's "apprentice" tv reality show with its womens social economics winner - today america's newest billionnaire

is epicentre of greatest celebrations of women to be staged in 2010s

is the hub out of which martin luther king networked his youth can turn dreams into reality networks while dr yunus was first learning how to be a professor of bottom-up economics in the neighbouring state of tennessee - has encouraged another neighbouring state alabama to start designing youth's first university of poverty

helped create the wealth of ted turner - whose main giving project is the UN Foundation

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