Sunday, November 1, 2015

so what do we know about #2030now

we have the new sustainability goals
we have the pope francis visit
we have maps of where g20 will negotiate sustainability China 2016, Argentina 2018, India 2019 look wonderful spaces

but then we dont clearly know how to incl;ude :
places with the greatest solutions - eg rural bangladesh
small countries whose education and health systems actually lead the world

and its not obvious that youth technologists will be hubbed into the deep[esnt community spaces where trust needs to be built if microfranchise solutions are to virally scale

we dont have an on-demand mooc (lof k-academy) of each sustainability goal

quarterbilliongirls.com 17 sustainability peer to peer curricula

.........................1 End poverty
2 Zero hunger
3 Good health & wellbeing
4 Quality education
5 Gender equality
6 Clean water and sanitation
7 Affordable land and clean energy
8 Decent work and economic growth
9 Industry innovation and infrastructore
10 Reduced inequalities
11 Sustainable cities and communities
12 Responsible consumption and production
13 Climate actuon
14 Life below water
15 Life on land
16 Peace and justice- strong institutions
17 Partnerships for the goals

jobs1.jpg jobs2.jpg jobs3.jpg
curriculum of tao and taobao 

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