Saturday, January 21, 2017

the union

the union is my favorite place and  openspace in the usa - only alibabauni.com  and China's Hangzhou G20 come close in places I have been privileged to visit and in inspiring the future possibility of sustainability generation

its in west baltimore- its streets are where thurgood marshall had his offices; about 30 years before Gandhi's satyagraha -(when he was thrown out of a 1st class train carriage in south africa) four black young american ladies were thrown out of a cruise liner.

They won thir case law that black americans were people not belongings. With the proceedings they built the union baptist communiies which are now developing a complete education system designed round livelihoods and sustaining the community. The Union is the first hub in america to be linked in around rachel's world of open learning curricula designed to create jobs http://www.valuetrue.com - we help arrange guidied tours to the Union for anyone who is serious about their places' livelihoods for youth and everyone of goodwill -thanks union chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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